Coming Home To Lemuria

Lemurians came to lift the Earth into the Light and have returned now for the completion of the cycle. We know how to be love; we just need to remember that we are Divine Beings clothed in human form.

Coming Home to Lemuria is a book of hope and inspiration. In Lemuria we lived in Love, we had the power to manifest whatever we needed and these powers are available to us now. We are at a time on the planet where the frequencies are rising and we have the opportunity to once more live in Oneness and Joy. We have memories at a cellular level and we can live in this consciousness again.

Lemurians had a great sense of Unity and Oneness. Every individual part was equal to not better than any other and Love was the key to evolution. They created whatever they needed so their only desire was to be of service to the Earth and her children.

Presentation for Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference

Who were the Lemurians?

Where did they come from?

Why are memories  of Lemuria resurfacing now?

A New Earth Rising

A New Earth Rising by [Redwood, Charmian]

In A New Earth Rising Charmian Redwood shares information about the steps we need to take to prepare ourselves and our loved ones to move smoothly into the new world of peace. We passed through the portal of December 21, 2012, so now all of the energies on the planet are set for us to ascend into our light bodies where we live from our own divine consciousness in a physical body. The Earth is returning to the garden where all is peace and harmony once more. Charmian used hypnosis to guide eighteen people forward into the New Earth to experience what it will be like. Each one had the same experience of being joyful, physically healed, vibrant, and seeing everything restored to harmony and peace.

"A most inspiring and intriguing book. It reminds us to remember."

"Reading this book one feels waves of love being transmitted . I am forever grateful. Light codes began to activate me and fill me with hope."