Sound Immersion with Crystal Bowls, Gongs and Charmian's Guides and Angels

  Saturday September 22nd


Halo Salt Spa

4035 E Thousand Oaks BLVD Westlake, Ca

This amazing sound bath includes the deeply healing experience of Halo Salt Therapy

Love Exchange $45

 Charmian uses sound healing with crystal bowls, gongs and chimes to create the experience of traveling to the upper worlds, to bring deep peace and alignment of all the body systems and the chakras. Each system and organ of the body sends out a note, when you are stressed or out of balance your note goes "off." Sound healing very gently brings you back to your note and restores balance and harmony.

During the sound healing Charmian will channel a meditation from Divine Mother or one of her many guides and at the end of the session each person will receive a personal message and blessing.

“During the crystal bowl healing session with Charmian I feel just wonderful. My whole body receives the energy. I am relaxed and transported into peace and light. The sound engulfs and envelops me, I feel uplifted, renewed, rejuvenated, expanded and deeply relaxed’ The sound of the singing bowls, so delightful, caressed me” Keala, Maui

'I just wanted to let you know that last night's bowls and channeling was the most gentle, loving, peaceful, graceful experience. It was so beautiful. Your energy is all of those things-- you transform a space just with your Being." Julia Cincinnati

"I have taken 5 of Charmian's sound baths now and they sound amazing. I have noticed that I have a greater sense of inner peace and am more in control of my emotions and content within myself." Michaela ,Ventura


Call Halo directly to reserve  a place

Class size limited to 8

805 497 7111


Past Life Group Regression

Wednesday October 10th
Halo Salt Spa


4035 E Thousand Oaks BLVD Westlake, Ca


Charmian has been a hypnotherapist for 25 years and has helped thousands of people to release old patterns. She will lead a group past life regression event. Many of the issues which cause problems in our lives actually have their cause in past lives. When we go in and retrieve the memory we can then reprogram our mind into new positive pathways and begin to create a new reality for ourselves.

"I loved your class. I have had a hacking cough that comes  back every year.  In your session I asked myself where is this cough from.  It showed me back in the day.  I lived up wind to a coal mine. And that is where I got the cough. I have hardly coughed since your session. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent." Janet

This event combines the benefits of salt therapy with past life release .

There is only space for 8 people in the salt room so call now to reserve your space
805 497 7111
Cost $45

For more info call Charmian

           8083449932 or e mail