Whale Swim Retreat in Mo’orea



Join an intimate group of just 8 sweet souls in this life changing journey on the island of Mo’orea near Tahiti swimming with humpback whales

Aug 31st– Sep 7th : week 1

Sep 7th – Sep 14th: week 2



An extraordinary adventure swimming with whales in the mornings and in the afternoons making an even deeper connection with them through guided meditations and channeling with Charmian


Retreat guided by Lemurians and Whale Whisperers

Tadeja Bortsnar and Charmian Redwood

 What you can expect


  • 5 days of 5 hour swims with whales

  • Afternoon meditations and channeled messages from the whales

  • 1 day hike to the heart mystical Mo’orea

  • Captain and swim guide with years of experience

  • Heart opening experiences that cannot be put into words.

  • You will never be the same

“My first encounter when I was snorkeling  and had a humpback whale swim right up to me and look into my eyes was an experience I will never forget. He came from half a mile away to within 6 feet of me, swam by me so carefully and looked right into my eye. My heart opened as it never had before and I was carried into bliss. I am now able to offer such an experience with you on this retreat to Tahiti.”  Charmian


Please join us and share this with your community. The whales are waiting!

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