Lightworker Spiritual Development Online Tele- classes

Self Empowerment for Light workers
Live 9 week tele-class on zoom
with Charmian Redwood

We have served from the time of Lemuria and Atlantis in the Ancient Temples  as the priests and priestesses connecting heaven and Earth. We have so many powers just waiting to be remembered and activated.

In this class we will journey together to 9 of the major spiritual traditions in which we were healers and Medicine People  to reclaim the powers we once had. In each class we will receive an activation to bring forward our skills and raise our vibration.

We were the ones who built the great temples and served in them as powerful, fully conscious beings, at this time of transformation of the earth we need to begin to develop all of our potential so that we can lift the Earth into her new frequency of Light.

We will visit

  • Stonehenge and the druid tradition

  • Chichenitza - Mayan

  • Macchu Picchu - Incan

  • Parthenon - Greek

  • Native American

  • Thailand - Buddhist

  • Atlantis 

  • Lemuria

  • Giza -Egyptian

If you miss a class I will send the recording

Class begins

Monday January 14th 2019 ends March 11th

2 different time options

 8-10am Hawaii,10-12 am PST,

1-3pm EST, 6-8pm GMT, 7-9pm CEU


2-4pm hawaii, 4-6pm pst, 7-9pm est

Love Exchange $ 333

(Payment plan available)

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or call 808 344 9932

" I just had a complete shift. I feel really calm and peaceful because there is a sense of surrender and support that I can't see but I know is always there, it is so beautiful. I know they have my back, it feels like there is nothing I can't do, it's been  amazing".

" It has really been about " feeling it," I could read about this and do all kinds of meditations but now I have the "feeling" from these classes. I can feel the vibration, I can feel everything and it is just amazing how it just shows up. Books give you information " about", but don't help you to embody it."