Lightworker Spiritual Development Online Tele- classes

Connection with our animal helpers from the stars

Live 9 week tele-class on zoom
with Charmian Redwood

Did you know that many of the animals who share this Earth with us actually came from the stars? They are holding the blueprints of our  wholeness for us. We came to the Earth together but humans have forgotten who they are.
The animals remember the Truth of who we are and are holding a very high consciousness. Each one offers  a gift and an activation of our DNA lightcodes to prepare us for ascension.  Whales and dolphins come from Sirius B while cats and dogs come from Sirius A.
They are waiting for us to awaken to our true nature of Divine Love so we can lift this planet into the light.
In this series of 9 classes we will journey to connect with these powerful animals, receive their gifts and hear their messages. Each one offers a quality which will help you to navigate these changes on the Earth.

Whale - Heart Opening

Dolphin - Inter- dimensional travel

Cats, Lions, Tigers,- Sovereignty and third eye activation

Elephant- Eternal wisdom

Apes, gorillas, monkeys- Family

Bear- Strength and power

Eagle- Far sight, connection to Source

Horse-  Spiritual growth

Dog, wolf- Loyalty and unconditional love

Mondays April  1st to June 3rd

(not including May 27th)

 8-10am Hawaii,10-12 am PST,

1-3pm EST, 6-8pm GMT, 7-9pm CEU

Love Exchange $ 333

(Payment plan available)

To reserve your place email

or call 808 344 9932

If you miss a class I will send the recording

" I just had a complete shift. I feel really calm and peaceful because there is a sense of surrender and support that I can't see but I know is always there, it is so beautiful. I know they have my back, it feels like there is nothing I can't do, it's been  amazing".

I would like to thank you, Charmian, for helping me to reconnect with the Truth of all of me.  My search always led me to look for the answers "outside of me".  I feel that my Divine Essence has been brought back into form into my physical body, and I feel complete - balanced - empowered.  Now more than ever I own the energy of creation through my intention, - and then to totally let go and Trust. I also can rest in knowing that being in Joy - is enough. Cheryl ma