guided meditations

22 strand dna activation

Introducing the new meditation that I just received. When we experienced The Fall and went into separation for the first time we had to disconnect most of our DNA strands which connected us to our superhuman abilities. Now it is time to reclaim our powers and take part in the great awakening of planet Earth.

star family guides you home

In this guided meditation we are taken back to our home star systems to receive a recalibration which will allow us to function at a much higher level of consciousness on the Earth plane. We are placed in a matrix that will remove the memories of trauma and separation and opened up to our own Galactic consciousness with which we can create much more love, abundance  and harmony in our lives.

st germain release old dna

In this guided meditation St Germaine invites you into his crystal cave, You are offered the violet flame to release all inherited constructs, tendencies, and beliefs that you have inherited from your ancestors through your DNA. These old beliefs are causing disease and disharmony on every level and it is time to download a new crystal matrix of wholeness, perfect health, and immortality.

Crystal lightbody activation

In this activation from channeled from the Realms of Light you are guided to download your Crystal Lightbody so that you can connect with your Higher Consciousness and begin to manifest from intention rather than struggle.

As the frequencies of the Earth are rising we now have access to these higher aspects which are used for Co-Creation simply by "Knowing" that we can do something then we make it happen.

Use this energy to create effortlessly whatever heaven looks like to you.

On payment you will receive the meditation and explanation of the Crystal Lightbody as you tube links.

emerald heart Activation

In this powerful meditation you are guided to download your emerald heart and to connect with the frequencies of love which are lifting this planet back to the light.

We all carry wounds from our past, either this life or previous ones, memories of heartbreak cause us to create walls and keep love out.


This meditation will help you to heal the wounds of the heart and allow you to call in the love that you need in order to thrive not just survive.

On Payment you will receive the links for the meditation and a talk explaining the importance of this activation