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From Chaos to Rebirth


So what to do? Our lack of consciousness is the cause of these dramatic events but we can also use consciousness positively to help Gaia  to release her blocked energy so that she doesn’t need to generate all the storms which take a lot of energy from her. Remember  that Gaia is a fully conscious being and we can always work with her as we have done in many lifetimes as druids and other cultures who worked with weather elementals. We offer to assist them and then ask them if they would co-operate with us to calm the winds, rain, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes.

We can help by visualizing her surrounded in light, seeing droplets of light penetrating the crust which is suffocating her and dissolving all of the negative energy which we have created. We can “see” her as being already cleansed and restored to wholeness. Focus on sending the light into her crystal grids so that they  can amplify it and take it wherever it is needed. Mother Earth does not want to harm any of us, she just needs us to wake up and change our ways. We can help her by opening our hearts to all living beings and begin to live in joy, dancing and singing to lift both ourselves and our Mother. As we begin to  share unconditional love and to spread it to everyone we meet then we are healing her.

As far as our own healing is concerned we also need to release the crust which is preventing us from moving forward into our ascension.  It is time to release old patterns of focusing our attention on acquiring possessions, wealth and status. We have been conditioned to value ourselves by what we achieve in terms of business or material success and we have forgotten to feed the soul. We are all carrying wounds from our childhoods of self doubt, lack of self esteem and confidence, abandonment and shame. Mother Earth has created these life threatening events partly to help us to focus on what is really important which is people and animals not ‘things”.

Visualize yourself standing in a beautiful stream of light which is pouring down from the Source and is infusing every cell in your body, dissolving all of the old programs from the past which are holding you in separation and limitation. All old thought forms of lack, self doubt, “I don’t deserve,”” I always fail,” ‘I’m not good enough,” are being dissolved in the golden light.

Now say to yourself or out loud “I now release all of the memories, programs, thought forms and conditioning that are keeping  me attached to patterns from the past which are no longer serving my highest good and my awakening to the truth of my being. I release them now through all time, all space and all dimensions. I see this and decree this in the name of the One and so it is.”

Send gratitude to Mother Earth for her patience with us, ask forgiveness for all of the harm that we have caused her by our unconsciousness. Let her know that we are here to support her in her rebirth process and we are truly grateful for all of the gifts that she blesses us with.

I offer sessions of hypnotherapy to help you to uncover your unconscious programs that are keeping you in suffering  and to release them. For more info see my website

There are a couple of spaces left in my Online Light worker Spiritual Development training class if you would like to join us

We came to Earth together in teams where we worked in the great temples of Atlantis, Lemuria

ascended masters
nd all of the spiritual traditions since then. Gaia is calling the teams together now to remember who we are and to reclaim the knowledge that we had then. The Lightworkers are here to help Her to move into Her Ascension and Her body of light. It is most important at this time to connect with our soul family and kindred spirits who are spread all over the planet. The Earth appears to be spiraling into chaos but this is only on the surface, Many Masters from the universe are here to build a new Earth based on love and harmony. Are you ready to step up, to claim your mastery and help our Mother to cleanse herself of hatred and greed? It is important now as never before that the Lightworkers who are here to lift this planet into her ascension, awaken to the truth of who you are and begin to raise your frequency and with you that of the earth and all humanity. In this class you will learn the skills of Clairvoyance, Clair-audience, Clair-sentience, Healing Channeling Ascended Masters “I feel more confident and able to stand up to people who don’t see the real “me.” When you have confidence and no triggers it doesn’t matter what they are doing. I don’t retaliate. I felt a deep connection to each of the people in the group, and I learned a lot about myself. I feel much more powerful than I have ever felt in my life. All of my friends are 3 D people, full of anxiety and fear but this is a different energy. It is safer and higher and it feels so good. I feel so much more comfortable with who I am. The people in the group were open but now they have been blasted off. Gifts are coming that I didn’t know I could do. Going back and reclaiming the priestesses in the first few sessions, those layers, bringing back that strength, was almost like unlocking doors of memory for me. “Yes, I can do that,” like little chicks and each one was like the biggest experience, it was powerful. “Karen Cincinnati ” It reminded me of who I am. A strong person who is worthy of respect and I won’t let anyone treat me like a doormat any longer.” Laurie Florida “It has really been about ” feeling it,” I could read about this and do all kinds of meditations but now I have the “feeling” from these classes. I can feel the vibration, I can feel everything and it is just amazing how it just shows up. Books give you information ” about”, but don’t help you to embody it.” Samarah ” I came into this class a broken sparrow and I am leaving it a warrior eagle.” Jean Cincinnati

In each class we we will visit one of the temples of the Ascended Masters to receive  initiation and to learn how to channel them.This is a class for empowerment of your authentic self. You will receive the recording of each class . Thursdays Beginning September 28th- November 2nd 11am-1pm PST 2pm-4pm EST 7pm-9pm BST UK( this will change with clocks change) 8-10pm pm CET

Investment in your self $ 222 Payment plan possible on request Class size is limited, reserve your space now

For more info e mail or call 808 344 9932 ( USA) can facetime

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