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Sound Baths at Halo Salt Spa


Charmian uses sound healing with crystal bowls, gongs and chimes to  bring peace, relaxation and alignment of body and mind. Combined with Halo Salt Therapy this sound event is a unique experience for deep healing.


The sound bath ends with a personal message from the angels, guides, and Master



Benefits of sound healing

  • Release anxiety and stress

  • Enhance the immune system

  • Synchronize brainwaves

  • Promote deeper breathing

  • Relieve muscle tension.

  • Produce endorphins (the bodies natural pain relievers)         

“During the crystal bowl healing session with Charmian I feel just wonderful. My whole body receives the energy. I am relaxed and transported into peace and light. The sound engulfs and envelops me, I feel uplifted, renewed, rejuvenated, expanded and deeply relaxed’ The sound of the singing bowls, so delightful, caressed me”                                                         


April 22nd and May 27th
Halo Salt Spa - Westlake
4035 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd, Ste 115
Westlake Village, CA 91362
Offering:  $55.00
Limit:   8 Persons Per Session


Call 805-497-7111 to reserve your spot
All reservations are through  Halo Salt spa

dina sound.HEIC

Charmian will come to your own and create a beautiful sound experience for your family and friends.

Size of the group is only limited to amount of space you have available.

People can be on the floor or couches, recliners.

This work is suitable for adults and children over age 5.

Rates vary depending on distance and size of group

Call or email for more info

808 344 9932

      Private sound baths in your own home

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